Officers manage the team, and oversee everything from an administrative perspective. They also report to school ASB officials.

President: Mai-Linh Tran

Vice President: Joe Bergin

Chief of Communications: Emily Jacobson

Secretary: Lenna Weiss

Treasurer: Jackson Malich


Titles are not as administrative as officer positions, but hold similar power. Each title oversees an area of the team.

Chief of Hardware: Andrew Chappelle

Chief of Software: Ian Weiss

Chief of Electronics: Ben Mastche

Safety Captain: Katie Moon

Swagmaster: Mai-Linh Tran


Mentors oversee the entire team, and guide the officers and title-holders whenever required.

Note: these mentors are not current and will be updated in a new weeks.

ASB Lead Advisor: Tod Oney

Head Mentor: Doug Chappelle

Assistant Head Mentor: Kim Weiss

Hardware Mentor: Robert Wenzel

Software Mentor: Michael Dahlgren

Outreach Mentor: Eileen Wenzel

Swagmaster: Peg Garcia-Bergin


Emeriti are students in mentor roles. They advise the current holder of their office or title and help whenever necessary.

President Emeritus: Ian Weiss

VP Emeriti: Keelan Masterson and Sean Szymanski

Secretary Emeritus: Ben Mastche

Treasurer Emeritus: Mai-Linh Tran

Chief of Hardware Emeritus: Joe Bergin

Safety Captain Emeritus: Ben Mastche

Team Contact


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Github: @FRC4131